How to Bedroom Wall Painting

A lot of us are apprehensive about trying out new things, particularly if we have to live with them for a long period of time. But everything deserves a chance so you know whether it actually works or not. When you want to switch from boring to vibrant, you have to take some major steps like painting your bedroom, and not just repainting it, but doing it with a design! If you’re falling short of ideas, let’s introduce you to the happening colors and trends this year, and how you can use them while painting your room.

Trending Paint Colors

Before We Begin

  • All designs provided below can be created after you have chosen the base coat color and applied it.
  • Any design you choose should match the theme of your room – modern, contemporary, rustic, traditional, or eclectic.
  • The idea is to focus on the design and not the colors. You may choose any color that suits your taste and the theme of the room, or the ones depicted above as the colors trending this year.
  • Pick a design that you are sure you will be able to live with for a good amount of time. Creating each is a lot of hard work.

Wall Paint Ideas for Snazzy Bedrooms
A graphic design in a color contrasting a dark-colored wall.

How to do it
On the base color, use a stencil and create the design. If you are ready to go all out, paint it by hand and give it that rough, grungy look.
You should do this if: You’ve been thinking about doing something totally quirky.

Personalize it
Go for a scattered print with a different/daintier design. Paint the graphic on just one part of the wall.

A texture with light and dark shades of the same hue.

How to do it
On the dry base coat, use your texturing tool dipped in darker paint. Decide the density of the texture and the darkness of the color while doing so..
You should do this if:
You like elegant simplicity and want to create a backdrop for the splendor that is your room.

Personalize it
Textures can be created with any color, in any pattern, and with any tool. Use a sponge, a rag, a comb, or a putty knife to create textures that appeal to you.

Two solid contrasting colors on one wall.

How to do it
Simply measure the wall and divide it into two color zones. If divided into unequal zones, always apply the darker color in the smaller zone and the lighter color in the larger zone.

You should do this if:
You are unsure of having a whole wall painted in one bright color, but still want something different for your room.

Personalize it
The same wall can be divided (equally or unequally) and painted in contrasting colors. While the image shows a vertical division, you may opt for a slightly angular one. Do not divide very wide walls horizontally and very narrow walls vertically.

Nature themed elements used as motifs.

How to do it
Use a paint stamp (or have one made), dip it in the color of your choice, and stamp your wall. Ensure the paint doesn’t drip. Once dried, enhance the borders of the motifs in gold or silver.

You should do this if:
You are sick of the concrete jungle and would somehow like to recreate nature in your room.

Personalize it with
Leaves, snowflakes, flowers, anything can be an element of choice for a soothing appeal.

A single large motif or a series of recurring motifs using a stencil.

How to do it
Tape the chosen stencil on the wall (with the base coat) and paint over it. Remove the stencil after the paint dries. You can choose to highlight the borders of the stencil design in case of a single motif.

You should do this if:
You want the design to materialize exactly as you have envisioned it.

Personalize it
Single large motifs that contrast or complement the base wall color may be used. The designs are endless. You can have stencils made as per your choice if you don’t find what you’re looking for.

A striped (horizontal or vertical) pattern that runs through the entire room or a part of the room.

How to do it
Demarcate zones and cover alternate zones in masking tape. Finish painting the open area in one color. Allow it to dry. Remove the masking tape and put tape on the edges of each stripe to prevent the color from bleeding into the already painted zone. Paint in the other color. Once dry, remove the masking tape.

You should do this if:
You want to go retro, vintage, or just make a short wall appear longer or a narrow wall appear wider.

Personalize it
You may create a striped pattern as shown in the image, or you may choose to divide the wall in question into three large zones and color each with light and dark shades of the same color. You could be a little bold and try three completely different colors. You could even use molding to separate the colored zones if it goes with the theme and design of your room.

A whole new world brought alive in your room.

How to do it
Unless you are an artist, get it done professionally.

You should do this if:
You have an artistic bent of mind that you wish to represent through the way you do up your room.

Personalize it
A mere arch decorated with flowers, the solar system, the underwater world, a forest, the inside of a space station, anything that pleases your senses can be created.
These designs are applicable to everyone, irrespective or age or gender. Just create what appeals to you and remember that you have to live with it for a good amount of time to come, so choose wisely!

Bedroom Wall Designs Tips

The bedroom is where we seek respite at the end of a tiring day, and each one of us wants our bedroom to be the perfect place to unwind and relax. Some want their bedrooms to reflect their personality, while others just want their personal space to be anything but boring! So, what do you do to bring in a touch of zing to your bedroom? While there are many ways to achieve this, the easiest is to add a touch of creativity to the walls.

Are you bored of the same old monochromatic walls, and wish to give your bedroom that much-needed makeover? Well, then you’ll be surprised at the number of options out there when it comes to renovating the walls of your bedroom. You can go for creative, unusual designs, or stick to a classic look.
Wall Design Ideas for the Bedroom

If you’re a lover of abstract art, then what’s better than an abstract art wallpaper! You can choose any pattern depending on the color scheme of the interiors. However, if you’re going for a bold pattern, remember to restrict it to only one wall, to keep it from appearing too overwhelming.

If abstract patterns are not your thing, then you can try symmetric geometric patterns. As the name suggests, they comprise series of squares, triangles, circles, polygons, or just any geometric shape that you can think of. The most remarkable aspect of geometric patterns is that they bring the beauty of symmetry to your walls, and this can be a welcome change from the monotony of solid colors. Such patterns can take the style quotient of this modern bedroom a few notches higher!

If a pretty yet elegant look is what you desire for your bedroom, then nothing can get better than floral designs on the walls! While it may appear that flowers are meant for a teenage girl’s room, this design can be used equally well to create a romantic ambiance. What’s more, there are plenty of options to choose from, and you can pick a wallpaper of your favorite flower. If covering the entire wall with floral patterns is not your thing, you can use stencils to paint colorful, vibrant flowers, as and where you want them!

This idea is all about painting leaves on your walls. If you are someone who feels that the ideal way to relax and unwind is to spend time amidst nature, then this design is “the one” for you! There are stencils available in the market that help you paint designs easily. You can also opt for professional help for intricate patterns. However, leafy patterns can only be used on green walls; use it on any other color, and the effect will not be the same!

3D is really a hot trend right now, so why not add a touch of 3D to your bedroom? What’s more, there are a host of 3D wall panels out there to make your walls “come alive”! All you need to do is get one and fix it to the appropriate spot on the wall. 3D wall panels that depict the deep sea, deserts, and other interesting habitats and landscapes, can also add a new dimension to your room (literally!).

This idea might sound out-of-the-box, but can be perfect if an unconventional wall is what you want for your bedroom. A step is built on the wall to accommodate a miniature garden. Now, you can design this garden using flower pots of different sizes, or you can even keep a flower bed with bright and colorful flowers in it. What matters most is that the garden should look attractive and render a fresh feel to your room. However, you should avoid creepers and other hanging plants that reach up to the bed. An interesting twist to this idea can be using artificial flowering plants to create a colorful canopy above your bed.

If you’re fond of personalized coffee mugs and key chains, then a personalized wall is just right for you! Putting up an enlarged photograph of yourself on your bedroom wall, can be a signature style in itself. Do you have a particular photograph that is really close to your heart? It can be a photograph of you with your spouse, your parents, or your circle of friends. There are many websites that offer to create customized wallpapers for you. Just upload your image in high resolution, provide the dimensions of the wall and voila! Your wallpaper will be delivered to your doorstep!

If you wish to keep your walls simple yet classy, then stripes are the way to go! You can choose two or more colors that complement each other. The best thing about stripes is that you can use the brightest of hues without going overboard. Also, you can add a touch of metallic shades. What’s more, you get ready-made wallpapers that are easy to put up, and also easy to remove. This gives you the option to change the designs every once in a while. Need more reasons to go for stripes? Well, horizontal stripes make your room appear more spacious, while vertical stripes make the walls appear taller than they actually are!
Wall Design Ideas for Kids’ Bedrooms

Is there an animal your kid is fascinated with? Well then, this very animal can be your inspiration for wall décor! What’s more, there’s no end to the range of possible designs. For starters, you can get colorful animal stickers, or use stencils to draw outlines of lions, tigers, birds, fish, and other animals. Parrots, cute kittens, penguins, elephants, giraffes, and tigers, can make great subjects for wall art. If you wish to make things a little more interesting, you can take scenes from children’s stories, such as the ‘Aesop’s Fables’, and depict them on the walls. Even cartoon animals can add an element of fun to your kids’ bedroom.

If you’re looking for cool, soothing designs for the walls of your kids’ bedroom, then go for one that has clouds floating on a clear blue sky. You can get cloud wall decals and stick them on, or use stencils to draw cloud shapes and then paint them white. If you wish to be a little more creative, you can place birds, airplanes, parachutes, etc., around the clouds. You can even cut out colorful paper in the shape of water droplets, and stick them below the clouds to create the effect of rainfall! You can use a yellow clock creatively to represent the sun. Similarly, you can use elements of home décor to add to the effect of the wall art.

Whenever we look at a butterfly, words like beauty and grace come to our mind. So, a butterfly wall art can be the perfect one for your little angel’s bedroom. Butterfly motifs can be amply used to lend a pretty look to the room. Instead of pink butterflies, you can also have an array of multi-colored butterflies, all scattered on a white background. Another great idea is to place a single large butterfly motif in the center of the wall, its wings splashed with the colors of the rainbow. No matter which way you intend to use it, the butterfly design is sure to lend a soft charm to the room.

Twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are … ” Every child’s fascination with those twinkling objects in the sky, perhaps begins with these lines. There are many ways in which you can incorporate stars in your wall design, to add a touch of sparkle to your kid’s room. You can either use silver stars on a dark wall to create a replica of the night sky, or scatter multi-colored stars to bring in a splash of color. An interesting idea is to look for a beautiful quote on stars, pen it on the wall using a beautiful font, and then place cute little star decals around it. Stars are also associated with magic, so you can paint the silhouette of a fairy with stars emerging from her magic wand!

If stars can add life to your little one’s room, how can planets be far behind? In the image given alongside, a panel depicting the solar system is placed above the bed. While this is just a simple illustration, you can go all the way and get a 3D wall decal that will bring the solar system (asteroids and meteors included!) right to your room! Not only will it look grand, but also help your kid(s) visualize the position of the planets, their increasing distance from the sun, and other important facts. It will also instill in your kid, a love for the subject. Can it get better than this?

What’s the easiest way to add an instant touch of personalization to the walls? Well, it is by writing your name on it! And the various styles that you can use, further adds to the fun factor. Ask your little one to choose a font he/she loves, and also a color. Once you have the name neatly placed on the wall, you can add smiling emoticons, stars, butterflies, flowers, fairies, etc., around it to make it appear prettier. You can even ask your kids to write their names in their own handwriting!

Wall designs are the simplest, easiest, and the most cost-effective ways to add that sparkle to your bedroom décor. If you are imaginative enough, then think of your bedroom wall as a canvas, and go ahead and paint it. I’m sure it will turn out to be exciting and full of fun. After all, decorating your bedroom may be a creative task, but not a tough one to accomplish!

Aquarium Decoration Ideas

unduhan-2Decoration of aquariums will not only enhance the look of the drawing-room, but will also induce the fish to feel more comfortable. Moreover, the soothing effect that the aquariums generate, would be enhanced by decorations. The fish tend to feel vulnerable and stressed out in undecorated or open aquariums. The natural habitats provide them with enclosures and places to hide. Thus, aquariums or fish tanks should be decorated keeping in mind their natural habitats.

The most important thing one has to keep in mind is that the materials used for decoration should not harm the fish in any way. There is great variety in the aquarium decoration accessories available in the market. It is an interesting activity to decorate the aquarium with these materials. However, one can also explore his creativity for decorating the aquarium.

How to Decorate an Aquarium
Let’s take a look at some of the methods and materials used in the decoration of aquariums.

  • Decorative Materials: Kids enjoy decorating the aquariums with the helps of various items and toys like the under water diver. The toy is used for a dual purpose. It acts as a ‘bubbler’ as well as a decorative item. Different funny signs like the Parthenon, Roman columns, and treasure chests can be placed at the bottom of the aquarium. Replicas of sunken battleships and bridges if placed in the aquarium, give it a feel of the sea bed. Decorations made of plastic can also be used. Some people don’t use plastic items fearing the effects they could have on the fish. However, as long as a decorative item doesn’t release toxins, it is completely safe for usage.
  • Rocks: These are the best hiding places for fish in an aquarium. Fish use them like caves. One can pick stones from the surroundings for aquarium decoration. However, some of the stones affect the pH level of water. Some also release toxins in water. In such cases, it is advisable to actually buy stones. Nowadays, ‘live rocks’ are used to decorate aquariums. These rocks are taken directly from the ocean floor. Live rocks are formed of calcium carbonate and they might be the skeletons of corals or other calcareous organisms. Rockscaping is done with the help of such rocks. It is the practice in which the rocks are shaped into a various forms. Holes can be drilled to facilitate the movement of small fish through them.
  • Driftwood: This can be used as the focal point of an aquarium. Before placing the wood in aquariums, one should test it in the ‘aquarium test kit’. One should not place just any wood in the aquarium. Buying a driftwood from a store is advisable.
  • Plants: Nowadays, fake plants along with live plants are used to decorate aquariums. The benefit of using live plants is that, they facilitate oxygenation and nitrogen removal in the aquariums. Plants provide shelter to the fish and also act as breeding sites. Moreover, the live plants bring a realistic look to aquariums. Fake plants too add to the beauty of aquariums and are easy to clean. If one thinks about introducing the plant-eating fish in the aquarium, he can think about using fake plants in the aquarium.
  • Ceramics: These materials can be used to create decorative pieces of different shapes and sizes. Care should be taken to see that their edges are not sharp. Algae might grow on the surface of ceramic items, which are difficult to scrape off.

One should try to keep a balance between two things i.e. the creativity he ‘pours’ into the aquarium and the safety of the fish. If these things are followed, aquarium decoration can definitely turn out to be a fun activity.

Tips to Decorate Loft Beds

Loft beds are amongst the most creative furniture pieces that one can have in their home. These are a smart buy when you have smaller bedroom. Moreover, these are also a popular pick for dorm rooms and kids’ room. The classic appeal of these beds makes them a hot favorite of many youngsters. Well, if there’s a bed placed right in your bedroom, I am sure you would be making maximum use of the piece. You can consider decorating these beds and give them a look which just matches with your likes and personality. Need some tips on how to decorate loft beds? Well, then what are you waiting for, just hop to the next paragraph and get some wonderful ideas on turning the plain loft bed into ‘your’ sleeping space!

Ideas on Decoration

Before we learn some ideas to decorate a loft bed it is essential that you make the space clutter-free. Clean your bed thoroughly and remove the bedding, just leaving behind the mattress. Also clean the floors and dump the waste and damaged things in the store room. Now let’s move on to add spice to your bed.

Pick a Color Theme
Opting for a color theme will ensure that your loft bed is nicely decorated. With a color theme you can also play up rest of the elements in the bedroom and maintain the uniformity factor. Go for contrast color schemes with bright shades that will rightly jazz up your bed. Bedding is the primary part that you need to choose according to the color scheme in order to highlight the bed. Add matching pillow covers and get a set of throw pillows which blend well with the color theme. If this bed is placed in kids’ room, you can add a cave styled cover for the bed which comes in fancy colors and designs. Window curtains and area rugs must all match the color theme. You can cover the area beneath the bed by adding a sheer or opaque curtain to the bed frame. This will add an element of privacy to this area and also hide the space, further hiding any clutter and stuff placed there.

Add Decorative Elements
When the basic elements are dressed up, you can move on to decorate the bed frame, its ladder and space below it. One of the ideas is to cover the bed frame with colorful fabric or metallic fabric that fancifies the entire bed. Boys can consider adding decorative magnets, stickers and posters to decorate. Posters and magnets of bikes and cars are best picks for the same. A climbing rope can be added to one side of the ladder. For kids’ and girls’ bed, soft toys can be added to this rope and bed frame. Hang small Chinese lanterns that will match the bed theme from the ceiling. Also, hang a large Chinese lantern under the bed, so that it will be used to illuminate the area beneath the bed. You can add a study table with upholstered chair or place a bean bag or relaxing chair in this free space.

Personalize the Space
Well, adding a personal touch it needs no mention. So, it’s time to personalize the decorated bed with quotes, phrases and photographs. You can stick a set of large thermocol or plastic alphabets that will read your name over the frame or hang them creatively besides the ladder. A quote or phrase that rightly describes your personality, your special snaps can all be used to accentuate the bed and space around it.

Well, I am sure you can do much more along with the aforementioned tips on how to decorate a loft bed to turn this furniture unit into a stunning sleeping space. Colors, decorative accent pieces, your creative and taste of style can together be used to convert a simple loft bed into a piece that you would love to sleep on and flaunt off!