Ways to Decorate a Screened Porch Innovatively

A screened porch is a great place to spend lazy summer afternoons. It is attractive and useful in many homes. In fact, it can be an extension of your living room, where you can even entertain your guests, and it can be a stylish retreat for you and your family. A well-decorated screened porch radiates a feeling of warmth and happiness in your decor. However, nowadays, it is quite hard to find homes that have porches. If you are lucky enough to own one, then you should decorate it beautifully. Let us go through some ideas that will help you decorating screened in porches.

Tips for Decorating a Screened Porch
Before introducing new changes to your screened porch, you should clear the clutter. Put the magazines and newspapers in book shelves, keep the shoes on a shoe rack, and hang the coats in a closet. You have to organize your things prior to decorating your screened porch.

For porch flooring, create a timeless elegance, with teak or pinewood. For a limited budget you can also use laminate flooring. It is cheaper than wood or natural stone and the installation process is simple. Ceramic tiles look sophisticated and require very less maintenance. Add some color by placing an all-weather rug in the center of the porch. You can create a unique piece of art on the floor by painting a faux rug, or you can weave an intricately patterned rug of acrylic paints.

For a casual look in the porch, use a low side table and a loveseat. If you will have meals in your screened porch, use a wood or granite topped table. Get a rustic look by using wicker chairs. Floral printed cushion covers or bright-colored fabrics with mirror work, can be used. A glass center table goes very well with cane furniture. However, if space is a constraint, you can use a folding center table. Decorating the table with a laughing Buddha, flower vase or a table top fountain.

Wrought iron light fixtures like candle holders or lanterns give porches an old world charm. You can also use stained glass floor lamps for creating a soft diffused light. Hang sketches or paintings of your children on the walls. For light-colored walls, copper or bronze art work will accentuate the beauty of your porch. A wrought iron wall mirror looks great in front porches. For a warm Mediterranean look, use wall decorations in shades of ivory, turquoise, orange-red or olive-green.

Welcome your guests by hanging a beautiful floral wreath on the entrance. If your porch receives sunlight, you can create a container garden by using old paint buckets, milk jugs, wastepaper baskets, glass bowls, etc. Plants like roses, lilacs, azaleas, paperwhites, amaryllis and cyclamens grow well indoors.

Flowering vines creeping on the porch screens will make your porch a delightful haven. Wisterias yield stunning blooms in clusters of white and purple flowers. Some other captivating climbers are the Chilean bellflower, periwinkle, trumpet vine, clematis, bougainvillea, climbing rose and morning glory. These colorful creeping vines will not only lend a fragrant aroma to your porch but also attract butterflies and hummingbirds. Installing railing planters is an innovative way of beautifying your porch.

Your screened porch is a place where you can enjoy the outdoors without having to face annoying insects. The screens prevent bugs and allows you to enjoy the lush surroundings of your garden. You can enjoy a meal once awhile here. Place a nice dining set on your table and choosing some comfortable chairs for the patio. Choose furniture that can withstand the weather outdoors. You can even invite guests to spend time on here, while you serve the meal, for a nice informal gathering!

These tips were all about how to decorate a screened porch. Go ahead and implement your crazy, creative imagination and make your screened porch the most talked about thing in town.

Tips to Decorate the Top of a Bookshelf

The best part about loving to read, is that you get to stack up all your novels, self-help books, biographies and whatever else you have an interest for, on a nice bookshelf with easy access to each of them. Decorating the shelf is the exciting part, because now you get to surround your shelf with aesthetic things that will make your overall bookshelf look complete.

I daydream about having a nice sturdy bookshelf for myself and not have to see my prized books strewn or stacked up haphazardly. For those lucky people though who have a well put together bookshelf and have made the topmost shelf available for decorating, these tips on how to decorate it should be of plenty help.

Decorating Ideas for a Bookshelf
These neat ways to decorate the top of a bookshelf will have you instantly falling in love with it once you’re done turning it around with these ideas. For more help on how to get down to planning a well sorted out bookshelf, go to tips for organizing your bookshelf for assistance.

Fresh Flowers
Place a vase filled with fresh flowers that you can change every two days or more depending on how you take care of these. You can also keep long-lasting plants on either corners like a » money plant or » lucky bamboo shoot plant. Sunflowers, daisies or even lilies will add a pleasing floral touch to your topmost bookshelf.

Lantern / Lamp
A lantern, although old-fashioned and rustic, can really change the way you look at the top of your shelf, where it can even help you use its light as a guide if you want to look for a favorite read in the dark. Even lamps come in all kinds of shapes and sizes where you can look for one that speaks for you. It can be modern, hip or something classic,where it truly alters the facade of your bookshelf to make it come off as one-of-a-kind.

Photo Frames
Frame photographs that are quirky and fun like a nice family / friend’s photograph, or something you took yourself, and have it switched to a gray-scale tone before encasing these within colorfully abstract or solid-color picture frames. It helps keep that shelf area warm and inviting to not just you, but those who’d like to read what you have stacked up there.

Japanese Dolls
Dolls may not be something all of us fancy, but Japanese dolls have a completely different thing going for them. They’re nice to look at, and create a feeling of Zen to have these sitting around your prized possessions, namely your books. They’re not scary to look at, and they’re available in varied kinds that you can find in an antique store or one with Asian knickknacks that are sure to have these beautiful dolls. The best place to buy these are online, where the choices are limitless.

Miscellaneous Showpieces
Showpieces whether in wood, ceramic, metal or plastic, if nicely done – can really brighten up an area depending on what you choose to place around the space you have your eye on. Go with sturdy wood or crystal-made showpieces or how about twig baskets filed with potpourri? So refreshing. Snow globes too are a nice choice to place among the showpieces, where they can all collectively sit pretty.

Decorating your bookshelf is no doubt the funnest thing you can do as a book lover, where you can use so many different elements to make that space vibrant, uncluttered or tasteful. Whatever you choose to go with, make sure the elements complement that space without overcrowding it in any way.

How to Decorating a Fireplace Mantel

A fireplace, even one that is not in use, adds warmth and personality to a room. If you are among the few lucky people to have a fireplace in your home, use the mantel as a platform to tell any décor story you want. However, remember that this piece of architecture will command attention in any room, and thus fireplace mantel décor will not go unnoticed. If you are decoratively challenged, use these tips on decorating a fireplace mantel or pick up any fireplace mantel ideas from magazines or showrooms and get started.

When considering home decorating, the first thing you need to decide on is the kind of look you wish to achieve. You may want clean lines with a minimalist theme or a cozy lived in look. Your décor for the fireplace mantel will depend on this decision. While incorporating a fireplace into a decorating scheme, you need to decide if you wish to downplay or dramatize it.

While deciding how to decorate a fireplace mantel, two basic principles to keep in mind are balance and proportion. Also try out a few different arrangements, to see what looks best, before doing anything permanent like hanging pictures or mirrors.

Symmetrical Decor
Most people follow symmetry while decorating fireplace mantels, with the main piece in the center and/or above the mantel, and similar items on either side. They could be vases, figurines, candlesticks or whatever you fancy. You can almost never go wrong with this kind of fireplace mantel décor, but it does lack imagination. However, it is perfect for a formal room.

Asymmetrical Decor
This kind allows for more fluidity and creativity. While balance is essential for any aesthetic design, an asymmetric layout is not rigid. The items on each side of the center can be different, yet maintain some similarity in visual proportion. For example, a cluster of smaller items on one side can be balanced by a single larger item on the other side. Balance and flow can also be maintained by focusing on the factors like height, weight or color of the items.

Radial Arrangements
Large fireplace mantels benefit from this kind of decoration. Your key item is placed in the center and the other smaller pieces form a circle around it. If you have eclectic taste, this arrangement may suit you, as it has high visual movement.

Less is More
A very common way to decorate a fireplace mantel is to restrict the décor to a single item. One way to do this is to place a single large item, such as a large candle stand or crystal sculpture in the center of the fireplace mantel. Mirrors, large art pieces, and wreaths are other good choices. The advantage of this method is that it conveys a sense of order with a soothing effect.

Busy Mantel
A crowded mantel is in opposition to the clean, clear mantel, but looks good if arranged in a systematic way. If this is your décor scheme of choice, you could cover your mantel with objects of different size. It is important to analyze your arrangement from all angles to ensure that it has balance and flow. While using this scheme, learn to layer and know when to stop. This style is perfect in any room that has plenty of visual activity throughout.

Many fireplaces in contemporary homes have little or no mantel. In these cases, other than building a fireplace mantel, the best thing to do is to focus on the space above the mantel with the use of a piece of art or a mirror. Decorating a fireplace mantel can be done in different themes, however, many prefer leaving the mantel bare. A natural stone fireplace is striking by itself, and does not require embellishments.

Decorating for Small Spaces Tips

unduhan-1Small spaces require specialized forms of decorating, something that will overshadow the fact that they are small, and bring out instead, their full potential by making them seem larger than they appear. With a few space decorating tips and ideas, it is possible to convert a small space and give it an illusion of being larger than it is. The following Buzzle article will highlight these tips and tricks that you can implement while decorating the room in question.

Classic Decorating Tips for Small Spaces

Before starting out on the varied decorating tips, it is important to get one thing in order―clear out the clutter. If a room is cluttered with a lot of things, it closes the space and makes the room appear even smaller than what it actually is. Clear out anything and everything that is not needed and start off from there.

The Walls
The walls and the paints used on them have a huge effect on the appearance of the room. Open up the room by painting it in tones of white and off whites, or other light shades like a pale yellow. This gives the room an open and wider feel. Another option that one can take up is to paint a single wall in a bright color. Find the focal point of the room and paint that wall in bright shades of red, yellow, blue, or green. This contrasts well with the rest of the walls, increases the depth of the room, and gives it a feel of the room being big. One can even paint all the walls white and have a single piece of furniture in a bright color. It will work in the same way.

Wall Décor
One of the simplest things that you can do to give the room an illusion of being bigger is to place a mirror facing a window. This instantly opens up a closed room by allowing more space in. In case you’re planning on using wall decors, make sure that you choose a single wall to decorate rather than cluttering all the walls. Also, the pieces or frames that you use should be wide and large―this will draw the attention to the wall, making it the focal point and give the illusion of space.

Furniture Choices
When making furniture choices, choose one or two big pieces and let the attention be drawn to these, like a big chair or a book shelf. Do not clutter the whole room with tiny knick knacks and odd pieces that only serve to make the room appear busy. A recent trick that designers and decorators use when furnishing smaller spaces is, they use glass furniture pieces, like a dining table set. What this is does is it allows the eye to travel instead of locking it in one place. This gives the feeling of being in a bigger and open room.

The placement of furniture should also be done such that it does not block the entrance or other doorways to the room. This not only thwarts free moving about, but gives a feeling of being in a tiny room.

Divider Options
Opt for cutting down on walls wherever possible. For example, instead of dividing the kitchen and hall into two separate rooms, break down the wall, thereby instantly creating a more open area for the eyes to sweep across. Instead of the walls, one can choose curtains, or wooden dividers for when privacy is required.

Using Shelves
Shelves are not only a great way of bringing about storage options, but are also a great way of using them to create the illusion of a bigger space. Using open shelves instead of closed ones opens up the space to a great extent. It serves a dual purpose because not only does it create space, but because the shelves are open, it automatically forces you to filter the things that you will store on the shelves in order to keep them looking presentable and clutter free. Find areas that can be fitted in with shelves instead of cabinets, like, the space under the stairs.

Bathroom Décor
The same tips that work for opening up any other space will work for the bathroom as well. Using light tones for bathroom walls and contrasting them with a strip of tiles on one wall, gives the illusion of a bigger space. One can also place a potted plant onto an open shelf for the same feel. Similarly, using mirrors and glass dividers is another great way to open up the space by allowing light to travel throughout the bathroom.

These tips will definitely help in making a small area look larger. Use these tips to decorate your own home and see the effectiveness of the same for yourself.