Latest Refrigerator Trends You Need To Know

Are you moving or have your recently completed a move? Has a faithful fridge stopped working? These are two common reasons that Americans find themselves in the market for new appliances: one that has grown to offer an ever-increasing number of styles and features.


Sales of French-door refrigerators are described as “exploding” by Consumer Reports. There is no need to compromise when searching for new refrigerators for sale: York, PA; Aspen, CO; and other locales are home to retailers offering most popular styles.

Modern Designs For Every Use

French-door refrigerators situate the fridge part of the appliance on top, accessed by two doors that split the space down the middle, and the freezer on the bottom. As a result of the two-door design, doors are narrower, allowing them to be installed in tighter spaces.

Freezers tend to be accessed less often, which causes more stooping to reach items on bottom shelves with traditional freezer-on-top models. One of the first answers to this problem was the bottom freezer model, which presents the same issue of stooping when the need to access frozen foods arises. Individual preferences will largely dictate the type of fridge consumers who narrow choices down to these models pick in the end.

The fourth major type of fridge-freezer combo is known as the “side by side.” These refrigerators offer two doors, splitting the appliance down the middle, with one side for frozen foods and the other side for refrigerated. Like French-door models, the doors of side-by-side fridges are narrower, allowing them to be used in tighter spaces. One drawback is that lower sections of both the fridge and freezer require bending to access.

There are small fridges, sometimes called bar fridges, only offering about one-quarter the usable space of regular fridges, while costing about the same to operate. For tight spaces, such as offices, dormitories, and workshops, mini-bar fridges might be the only choice, particularly when operating cost is not an issue.

Get The Look Of A Built-In Fridge Without The Work

Fridges of each style discussed can also be built into cabinets, more or less permanently. Built-in refrigerators are said to vary in width from about 18 inches to wider than 36 inches. Narrower choices, combined with the thinner vertical profile of the appliances, may make the space-conserving choice the only option in some circumstances. Many consumers find the look of a completely integrated fridge appealing, which has spawned the introduction of freestanding models with similar vertical profiles, mimicking the appearance of models that are actually built in.

The level of efficiency achieved by modern fridges is much higher than in the past. However, there is still wide variation between models and manufacturers. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has introduced the Energy Star rating system: fridges carrying this rating are among the top 25 percent of all fridges in terms of efficiency, which can save as much as $500 over the entire life of an appliance. Read the Energy Star label for more information.